Student Resources

Linked below are university and other common student resources. Visit the degree program pages for degree program specific resources such as handbooks.  

Cost of Attendance
Tuition and Fees 
*Note: Most graduate programs in the department are subject to a tuition increment. Please ensure you view the correct tuition table.
Delta Omega (Undergraduate and Graduate Public Health)
Upsilon Phi Delta (Graduate Health Administration)
Each program with an internship requirement details specific processes and procedures for initiating its internships. See the respective program for further details. The page linked below describes department and college procedures for addressing common requirements.
CPT [F-1 International Students]
Financial Aid Office [Domestic Students; Undergraduate and Graduate]
NinerScholar Scholarship Portal [Graduate and Undergraduate]
Tips on paying for college and maintaining good credit 
Vocabulary Canvas Training (Health Informatics and Analytics)
Public Health Writing Guide (Boston University School of Public Health) 
The Office of Undergraduate Research supports UNC Charlotte undergraduate students through undergraduate research grants and opportunities to communicate their research to others through multiple research symposiums, funding to national conferences to present their research, and research exploration events. Students can use their site to learn more about internal or external research opportunities. 
Academic Policies and Procedures (some Graduate specific policies in Graduate Catalog)
 Selected policies and resources: