Internship Common Administrative Requirements

Preceptor agencies require students to comply with a variety of health and training requirements prior to the start of an internship. We have listed several common resources here for your convenience. Students should carefully review the following guidelines as they begin preparing for an internship.

PHS policy requires students participating in internship activities and who are required to complete a Criminal Background Check and/or drug testing screen to use only the university-approved vendors listed here.

Drug Screening And Criminal Background Acknowledgement and Agreement Form

Criminal Background Check Student Information/Instructions

12-panel Drug Screen Test Information

Bloodborne Pathogen Tutorial and Test

Hepatitis B Declination form

CHHS Agency Requirements (Fillable PDF) - Please print and fill out the entire form. There may be additional Compliance Requirements (All of these may not be required by your agency, or additional requirements may be needed. Check with your program coordinator.)

Students interning in the fall or spring at Novant Health, Carolinas HealthCare System, and CaraMont are required to have an annual flu vaccination. Flu shots are available starting in September of each year.

CPR Certification: Available through American Red Cross or Innovative Solutions in HealthCare Education for Health Care Provider CPR training. Or you may find another agency who administers CPR training to obtain CPR certification.

*Students, please note that in complying with these requirements you may incur student out-of-pocket costs ranging from $60-$150 depending on the agency-specific requirements. 

Students completing their practicum/clinical with Novant will need to complete additional requirements.

  • Students will need to complete the Student Consent for Access to Education Records form which will need to be turned into the Registrar's Office (contact information on form) and Ashley Lopez (
  • Students will need to visit Novant's website for additional information regarding practicums/clinicals at Novant. Required Novant documents are to be submitted to Julie Ann Howell, Administrative Support Specialist, in CHHS 335.