Public Health Sciences Responds to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Public Health Sciences Responds to the Coronavirus Pandemic: Instructional and Operational Continuity

In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, the university will continue remote learning through at least 1 October, with most faculty and staff continuing to work remotely as well. CLICK HERE for details.

Public Health Sciences faculty and staff are now operating almost 100% remotely.
  • Do not come to campus expecting to see faculty or staff without an appointment.
  • Direct general inquiries about Public Health Sciences to or by messages left at 704.687.7191. 
  • Please CLICK HERE for program leadership and staff phone and email contacts.
  • Current students:
    • Direct questions and accommodation requests about specific courses to the course instructor, after first visiting the course canvas site.  If unresolved, elevate your requests to the Department Chair.
    • Direct questions about your program and course registration to your Academic Advisor or Program Director.

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