Department Contacts

Mailing Address:
Public Health Sciences
UNC Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte NC 28223
CHHS Building 431


Phone: 704-687-7191    


Fax: 704-687-1644

University Map
(Building #63)
Administrative Support
Associate to the Chair
Shashi Gnanasekaran CHHS 433 704-687-8742
Program Administrative
Support  Specialist
Julie Howell CHHS 335 704-687-7191
Chair Melinda Forthofer CHHS 432 704-687-5682
MHA Program Administrator Melissa Smith CHHS 424


MHA Outcomes Analyst TBA CHHS 424A 704-687-6328
Program Contacts

Interim Program Director,
Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH)

Dr. Pilar Zuber CHHS 428D 704-687-1924
Program Contact,
Public Health (Minor)
*Please include Student ID number in your e-mail.
Dr. Ahmed Arif CHHS 429 704-687-7561
Program Director,
Master of Health Administration
Dr. Michael Thompson CHHS 423E 704-687-8980

Program Director,
Graduate Public Health Programs (MPH)

Dr. Jan Warren-Findlow CHHS 427B 704-687-7908
Graduate Certificate in Community Health
(COHP) and Public Health Core Concepts (PHCC)
Dr. Jan Warren-Findlow CHHS 427B 704-687-7908
Program Director,
Ph.D in Public Health Sciences (Ph.D)
Dr. Michele Issel CHHS 335C 704-687-7976
Program Director,
Graduate Certificate in
Health Information Technology
Dr. William Saunders CHHS 341A 704-687-0497
Program Director,
Professional Science Master's in (HIT)
Dr. William Saunders CHHS 341A 704-687-0497