CEPH Accreditation

CEPH Accreditation Self-Study, January 2014

Our most recent CEPH Re-accreditation Self-Study was submitted in January 2014 and is available here.

Our Self-Study Process

The Department of Public Health Sciences began preparing for reaccreditation in Fall 2012.  The CEPH Accreditation Coordinator developed a work plan for completing the preliminary self-study during the academic year.  The program committees adopted the plan with minor modifications and it served as the organizing framework for the faculty’s efforts. 

An overview of the self-study plan was presented to the Public Health Advisory Board during its fall meeting along with a timeline and expectations for members’ involvement in the self-study and site visit processes.  Throughout the fall and early spring, the various workgroups solicited input from faculty, administrators, and stakeholders to draft their assigned sections of the self-study. 

A composite draft self-study was created and circulated among faculty, administrations, and advisory board members for preliminary review.  The revised document and the preliminary appendices then were sent for external review to a select academic reviewer.  A copy of the  preliminary self-study was placed on our department website for public comment in late September.

Based upon external comment from the public and the accrediting body, this preliminary draft self-study was revised, resulting in the final self-study document that was submitted to CEPH in mid-January 2014.

The official site visit occured  24-25 February 2014, with a determination of the outcome confirmed at the CEPH Fall 2014 Council Meeting.

CEPH Accreditation Results, October 2014

Following the site visit and review by the Council, our accreditation was reaffirmed and extended for seven years (through December 2021).

A copy of the final decision letter and site visit report is found here.

Progress Report

The Interim Report was submitted to CEPH on September 8, 2015.

 CEPH Interim Report, September 2015

CEPH Accreditation Criteria and Procedures

The links below access the specific criterion that our self-study must address and the procedures we must follow in preparing our self-study and undergoing accreditation review. Additional details can be found at the CEPH website.

Accreditation Procedures - Public Health Programs

Accreditation Criteria - Public Health Programs

Data Templates