Welcome to the UNC Charlotte Department of Public Health Sciences! We are a vibrant and rapidly growing community of faculty, researchers, practitioners, staff and students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines working together to advance the public’s health. 

Through our accredited undergraduate and graduate academic programs, our research, and our community engagement, we are committed to a healthcare workforce prepared for the challenges that are critical to the future of public health, including the development of skills for addressing problems that aren’t yet defined, multi-sector team-based approaches to solutions, and strategies for ensuring that public health expertise is available to all segments of our population. 

“Dynamic” is kind of our middle name, so to speak. We are the University’s fastest growing academic unit, housed in the third largest and fastest growing of 17 institutions in the UNC system and engaged in Charlotte’s diverse metropolitan area of 2.4 million.

Charlotte’s got a lot! I invite you to peruse the pages on this site to learn more about our programs, the ways our faculty and students are contributing to new knowledge and practice innovation, and the accomplishments of our graduates, many of whom hold key leadership roles in our regional healthcare workforce.

If you share our commitment to advancing health equity and well-being in an urbanizing world, please join us!

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