Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management (HSMT) Required Courses


HSMT 2101. Introduction to the Health Professions. (3)  Introduction to the various health professions, resources for career planning, and the concepts of professionalism, cultural competence, and interdisciplinary healthcare teams. Investigates the wide variety of healthcare careers, focusing on the nature of the work, job descriptions, necessary abilities, legal and ethical responsibilities, and education preparation and credentialing.  Introduction to the Health Systems Management major, including program requirements, advising activities, and planning a course of study.  May be repeated once with an original grade of D, F, or W.

HSMT 2103. Introduction to Human Resources Management. (3) Introduction to human resources management as it applies to health and human services institutions, including recruitment, selection, training, and development.  Emphasis is placed upon understanding the basic functions of a manager and the role of leading. Major theories associated with motivating the individual in organizations, interpersonal and group behavior, job design, organizational processes of decision-making, communication, and change are addressed.  Consideration is given to the influence of personal values and ethical frameworks on the processes of managing and leading. May be repeated once with an original grade of D, F, or W.

HSMT 3103. Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System. (3)  Prerequisite(s): Health Systems Management major.  An overview of the organization and delivery mechanisms in the U.S. healthcare system.  Various settings for the delivery of healthcare and personnel and financial resources integral to the delivery of care are presented.  Also included are the historical development and future growth and direction of the system.

HSMT 3201. Healthcare Leadership, Ethics, and Inter-Professional Communication. (3) (O,W)  Prerequisite(s): Health Systems Management major.  Examination of leadership skills and communication development.  Analysis of ethical and bioethical problems confronting healthcare delivery systems. Contemporary issues confronting those delivering and using healthcare are examined.  Also serves as an introduction to the design and development of student ePortfolios.

HSMT 3203. Introduction to Healthcare Accounting and Finance. (3)  Prerequisite(s): Health Systems Management major.  Basic concepts and techniques of collecting, processing, and reporting financial information relevant to healthcare institutions. Fundamental financial management concepts and tools for healthcare institutions, including financial statements and attributes.

HSMT 4101. Health System Organization Development and Behavior. (3)  Prerequisite(s): HSMT 3103 and Health Systems Management major.  Introduction to organizational theory with applications to healthcare systems, including organizational design and inter-organizational networks and alliances.

HSMT 4103. Health Information Technology Management. (3)  Prerequisite(s): HSMT 3103 and Health Systems Management major.  A study of the use of information technology to improve the delivery of healthcare. Information technology management includes methods and practices to acquire, disseminate, store, interpret, and use information to provide healthcare in a more efficient, effective, and economical manner.  Various applications for information systems in the healthcare delivery system are emphasized, as well as their potential benefits.

HSMT 4201. Health Policy and Law. (3)  Prerequisite(s): HSMT 3103 and Health Systems Management major.  Examination of the formulation, adoption, and implementation of public policy for health services delivery and healthcare through federal, state, and local political processes.  Selected legal principles and their application to the healthcare field.

HSMT 4202. Quality Management and Improvement. (3)  Prerequisite(s): HSMT 3103 and Health Systems Management major.  Examination of the concepts and practices of quality management, performance improvement, and assessment of outcomes in healthcare delivery settings; the application of quality management theory to healthcare product and service outcomes.

HSMT 4400. Health Systems Management Capstone. (3) (W)  Prerequisite(s): HSMT 3103, HSMT 3201, HSMT 3203, HSMT 4101, HSMT 4103, and Health Systems Management major.  Offers service learning experiences in a healthcare or related setting for students.  The initial assumption is made that students participating in the experience have had limited hands-on exposure to healthcare systems.  Students complete ePortfolios that include work samples and reflections generated throughout the Health Systems Management program.