Graduate Certificate in Community Health


M.S.P.H. and Community Health Graduate Certificate Students Fall 2009



The Graduate Certificate Program in Community Health contributes to the preparation of community and public health practitioners to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) examination. The Certificate is also available to students who wish to complement an existing degree in a health profession (for example, health psychology, nursing or social work), or who wish to explore a career in public health. This certificate complements (i.e., is not redundant with, can be completed in addition to) the Graduate Certificate in Public Health Core Concepts. Completion of the certificate program does not ensure admission to the Master of Science degree program. Please contact the program director (Dr. Jan Warren-Findlow at for the current status of this program.

Students are admitted to the Graduate School in a special category for certificate programs. See general information on admission to graduate certificate programs elsewhere in this catalog.

Certificate Requirements
The program leading to a Graduate Certificate in Community 179100.jpgHealth degree requires a minimum of 15 semester hours of graduate credit including 9 hours of core courses and two additional elective courses (6 credit hours).

Core Courses (9 hours)
HLTH 6207 Community Health Planning and Evaluation (3 credits)
HLTH 6220 Health Behavior Change (3 credits)
HLTH 6221 Community Health (3 credits)

Descriptions of individual courses and when they are offered can be viewed in the Graduate Catalog.

The remaining six (6) credits are chosen by the student in consultation with their assigned academic advisor and/or Graduate Program Coordinator from among available departmental offerings. Courses from outside the Department of Public Health Sciences may be substituted with written permission of the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Students not demonstrating prior undergraduate or graduate coursework comparable to HLTH 6200 Introduction to Public Health will be required to take this course as one of their electives.

Credits applied toward the Graduate Certificate in Public Health Core Concepts cannot also be applied to this certificate.

Application Instructions

Application deadlines for admission to the Graduate Certficate Program in Community Health are as follows:

September 15, for Spring Semester
April 1, for 1st & 2nd Summer Sessions
February 15, for Fall Semester

The University Catalog, admission information and application can be found here.
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Graduate School

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