PHS Department Retreat 2016

Department of Public Health Sciences


Mission:  To develop leaders in practice and research who advance the public's health.

Vision:  Healthy People. Healthy Places. Healthy Communities.

Values: Collaboration, community engagement, diversity, innovation, professionalism, health equity, social justice.

Public Health Programs

Collectively, the academic programs offering the BSPH, MPH, and PhD degrees constitute our Public Health Program.
Values: The Public Health Programs values professional and academic integrity and ethics, collegiality, engagement with the community, and responsiveness and innovation in its pursuit of attaining the highest possible standard of health and well-being.

Mission: The Public Health Programs at UNC Charlotte produce practitioner-scholars and leaders prepared to promote and improve human health across the lifespan; to support the optimal organization and management of healthcare locally, nationally, and internationally; and to deliver efficient, effective, and accessible high quality health services, particularly to vulnerable populations.

  • Goal 1 (instructional): Develop student competence in the core areas of public health, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to become effective practitioners and researchers.
  • Goal 2 (research): Engage students in the development  and translation of new knowledge to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public health services and contribute to the development, implementation, and evaluation of public health practice.
  • Goal 3 (service): Promote collaborations with community partners and stakeholders to advance the public’s health and foster participation in local, regional, national, and international organizations that advance the public health profession.
  • Goal 4 (diversity): Address the health and public health workforce needs of a dynamic, emerging urban environment and its increasingly diverse population.

Information about individual degree programs is provided through links provided below.

BSPH           MPH          PhD

Master of Health Administration

Mission Statement

The UNC Charlotte Master of Health Administration (MHA) Program leverages its position within the Department of Public Health Sciences of North Carolina’s Urban Research University to prepare national and international students to advance the public’s health through competent leadership and management of healthcare organizations and systems.  

We pursue our mission through education, research, and service efforts that:

1. Provide qualified and motivated students from a variety of disciplines, levels of experience, and backgrounds – with a special emphasis on individuals and groups historically underrepresented in graduate education – the knowledge, skills, and abilities to become effective administrators and stewards of a dynamic health and healthcare system;

2. Contribute to the body of knowledge related to the design, organization and delivery, evaluation, and leadership of health and healthcare systems;


3. Apply our expertise to support health leaders and the communities they serve in advancing the public’s health.

Vision Statement

The UNC Charlotte Master of Health Administration program is to be the premier program in developing healthcare leaders who promote healthy people, healthy places, healthy communities by transforming the healthcare environment.

Values Statement

Our program values collaboration, community engagement, diversity, innovation, professionalism, health equity, and social justice.

Last revised: November 2016